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Moose Surprised moose
  Rutting mooses and bear  
  Moose coming when called  
  Male moose
  Rutting moose  
  Male moose and wolves
  Moose hunting
Wolves Wolves hunts moose  
Wolverine Volverine
Fox Redfox  
  Redfox in the winter
Lynx Two lynx
  Lynx hunts male capercaillie  
Bears Springbear
Cabin    Cabin in wilderness
Capercaillie Capercaillie´s calling  
  Two capercaillies on a pine tree  
  Capercailliers courting
  Capercailliers in moonshine
Goshawk Goshawk strikes a blackcock  
  Goshawk attacks male capercaillie
Great horned owl  Great horned owl and blackgrouse
Golden eagle Golden eagle strikes a redfox
  Eagle strikes male capercaillie    
  Eagle hunts hare  
Whoopers Songwhoopers  
  Songwhoopers in storm
Grouse  Grouse