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Some facts about me

I live in a community in the north of Sweden called Alvsbyn. There I have the opportunity to experience the four seasons of the year to their full extent- from the deep darkness of the winter night to the evershining midnight sun of the summer.This has influenced me as an artist. I am completely self-taught, an autodidact.

As an Animal- and Landscape-artist my greatest interest is to see the connections in nature, then depict and express events and atmosphere in the landscape. What I mainly paint or draw are the untouched genuine milieus which exist and have existed in the north of Sweden. On my paintings there often is an animal which dominates. There is an event carried out by the animal. The animal is active, doing something, and this is appreciated by the onlooker. When there is time I enjoy being in different types of landscapes from mountain to coast in the norhth of Sweden- as a hunter, fisherman or observer.

I have earlier worked with leadpencils, feltpens, poker-work and coloured pencils. Right now I am improving myself as an artist in oil-paint, which has been highly appreciated- my paintings have been well received. I have on many occasions worked as an illustrator for different hunting-magazines and books and also taken part in some TV-features.

My paintings are showed at separate exhibitions at different places in Sweden ans also at group-exhibitions with other nationally known animal- and landscape-painters.